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Please bring along the following with you:

1. Your dog!

2. Bedding: we supply plastic containers and blankets. Please bring along a blanket and or T-shirt so that your dog has a familiar smell in his/her sleeping room. Please mark your bedding. NOTE: We cannot fit cushion type bedding into the washing machine and it becomes problematic for us to keep clean and maintain our hygiene standards.  We do not take responsibility for destroyed bedding!

3. Neck collar (No harness) if your dog normally wears one.

4. Dogs on Special Diets: Bring along precooked frozen meals or special diet dried food.


Please do not bring along the following items:

1. Toys (Toys can create fights between the dogs or get destroyed or lost). Your dog will be exhausted
by the time they leave because their day is filled with activities and lots of friends to play with!

2. Brushes (we are not a doggy parlor).

3. Food Bowls (sterilised bowls are provided). 

4. Dog harness or leash (We do not take responsibility for lost or forgotten items). 

Thank you for your understanding in this regard. 

Windhoek Pet Lodge