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Small (up to 14kg)

One Dog

per dogN$ 200Small (up to 14kg)

Two Dogs

per dogN$ 167Small (up to 14kg)

Three + Dogs

per dogN$ 134Small (up to 14kg)


One Dog

per dogN$ 240Puppy/Medium/Large

Two Dogs

per dogN$ 200Puppy/Medium/Large

Three + Dogs

per dogN$ 155Puppy/Medium/Large

7.0% will be added to the above prices for bookings during Peak Season AND bookings less than 3 days:

-17 March to 26 March 
-1 April to 11 April 
-29 April to 28 May 
-17 June to 18 July 
-09 Sept to 09 Oct 
-10 Dec 2023  to 10 January 2024

rates will apply for: (Point 1 to 5: Can be waived at management’s discretion)

  1. Non socialized Dogs (15% added per day)
  2. 2 puppies medium/Large breed puppies might be charged N$240 per puppy per day
  3. First time customers: Bookings for 1 day/night will be charged a minimum of 2 days
  4. For bookings longer than 3 weeks please ask for a quotation. (High season does not apply)
  5. 7.0 % additional charge over peak season and bookings less than 3 days. 

Rates are charged per day: 

  1. Dogs checked in after 15:30 pm and checked out the next day regardless of time: charged for ONE day. 
  2. Dogs checked in before 12h00 and checked out the next day before 12h00: charged for ONE day. 
  3. Dogs checked in after 16h00 are not charged for that day.


Meals in the form of Montego are provided. If you wish to bring your pet’s own preferred brand of food, you are most welcome to do so. NO DISCOUNTS APPLY.

Daily Playtime/Walking/Cycling/Personal attention are included as part of our service. 24 Hours staff on duty dedicated to the dogs.