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Small (up to 14kg)

One Dog

per dogN$ 188Small (up to 14kg)

Two Dogs

per dogN$ 158Small (up to 14kg)

Three + Dogs

per dogN$ 126Small (up to 14kg)


One Dog

per dogN$ 210Puppy/Medium/Large

Two Dogs

per dogN$ 178Puppy/Medium/Large

Three + Dogs

per dogN$ 141Puppy/Medium/Large

7.0% will be added to the out-of-season prices for bookings during the peak season.

Peak season includes the following periods:
18 -26 March,
14 – 19 April
30 April – 8 May,
20 – 29 May
10 Dec – 10 Jan. 

Non-standard rates will apply for:
(Can be waved at management discretion)

  1. Non socialized Dogs (15% added per day)
  2. 2 puppies will be charged N$210 per puppy 
  3. First time customers N$200 once-off fee (for evaluation and introduction) applicable for bookings less than 7 days
  4. For bookings longer than 3 weeks please ask for a quotation. (December high season does not apply)

Rates are charged per day: 

  1. Dogs checked in after 4pm and checked out the next day regardless of time: charged for ONE day. 
  2. Dogs checked in before 13h00 and checked out the next day before 13h00: charged for ONE day. 
  3. Dogs checked in Two FULL days or longer will be charged half the day rate for the last day if check out is before 13h00.

Meals in the form of Montego (classic range)
provided as well as Pet Mince.