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We will NOT keep records or check that the vaccinations have been done before we accept your dog. Your dog must have a Rabies vaccination done between 4 and 7 months old, thereafter every year OR according to the instructions of the vaccine manufacturer. Last mentioned is the law and dog owners responsibility to ensure up to date Rabies vaccine certificates. Other vaccines are not compulsory for your dog to board at Windhoek Pet Lodge. 

  • Customers should familiarise themselves regarding “kennel cough”, we are unable to detect a carrier of the virus entering our Pet Lodge (this is not a life-threatening disease). Neither you nor the Pet Lodge can prevent or take precautions against Kennel Cough. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Female and small breed dogs older than 6 months must be neutered. Large breed Male dogs older than 5 months must be neutered. 
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please treat your pets for parasites prior to arrival if necessary. If any infestation is found on your pet, we reserve the right to treat them accordingly at the owner’s expense. Kindly also deworm your pet. 
  • Escape behavior: Pet owners should come and inspect the premises and advise accordingly. The owners of a dog with escape behavior that escapes accept full responsibility.
  • Bedding, medication etc. must be clearly marked. No responsibility is taken for collars, leads, containers, bedding or medication etc. left at the premises. 
  • Items being destroyed by your dog will be charged for.
  • If your dog is not well socialised with both other dogs AND people your dog might be dangerous to the other dogs or to our staff, it is important and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform us appropriately.  
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  
  • I understand that if any payment is not made prior to or at any mutually agreed upon time, my account will be handed to a debt collection agency for further handling. Outstanding accounts will attract interest at 2% per month. 
  • Boarding facilities are by law not allowed within Municipal boundaries therefore we have to deal with the distance when Veterinary services are required for your dog. We will transport your dog to the vet, wait there or go back later to pick up your dog. We will add $600 to your bill for this service. We will use a Veterinary facility that is available and most convenient for us at the time.
  • Although every possible care will be taken with your pet while at our facility, Windhoek Pet Lodge and its staff do not accept liability of any kind for accidents or illness that might affect your pet or for any associated Veterinary bills. All animals are accepted solely at owner’s risk. 
  • Perennial area not shaved, and excretion subsequently getting stuck, we will add $50 to your bill for shaving and cleaning.


Out of season cancellations will not attract any charges.

 Peak season dates include the following:

– 17 to 26 March

– 01 to 11 April

– 29 April to 28 May

– 15 June to 16 July

– 09 Sept to 09 Oct

– 10 Dec 2023 to 10 January 2024

7.0% will be added to the out-of-season prices (shown above) for bookings during the peak season.

 A minimum booking period of 14 days applies over the Christmas-New Year period. Partial long weekend bookings might not be accepted.

Bookings that contain dates that fall within the above stated peak season will require a 50% deposit for only the dates that fall within said peak season.

You will only receive a booking confirmation once we receive the deposit payment. We will send the Invoice for the deposit to be paid some time before the booking commences.

If you paid a deposit and your plans change unexpectedly:

Your deposit will be paid back in full if we are able to fill the resultant vacancy. (We are normally able to fill the vacancy during peak periods if you do not cancel at the last minute).

Cancellations and refunds paid will attract a $250 cancelation fee.

You will be liable to pay the full amount for the dates booked if you cancel your booking at the last minute, and we are unable to fill the resultant vacancy. 

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.